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 FHA Mortgage Rates

FHA Mortgage Rates

Obtaining a lower FHA Mortgage Interest Rate is one of the advantages for , Georgia borrowers who are eligible for the FHA Loan Program. In comparison to conventional mortgage rates that are influenced by credit scores, loan-to-value (down payment) and other price adjustments.

The FHA Mortgage Rates trend lower, offering more affordable mortgage payments for similar loan sizes and competitive interest rates for both Purchase loans and Refinances.

Understanding FHA Mortgage Rates

The FHA guarantee that lenders receive on FHA loans is why they are able to offer more competitive interest rates to eligible borrowers for both purchase loans and refinances.

FHA Loan Rates

- Competitive compared to conventional mortgage programs
- FHA home loan rates are set by local FHA Lenders
- Lower rates = lower monthly payments = potentially higher qualifying loan amount

Shopping For The Best FHA Mortgage Rates

Even though FHA loans generally have lower interest rates than many other mortgage programs, the actual FHA loan rate is still determined by individual lenders vs the FHA.

According to the monthly Freddie Mac Rate Trends Survey, that goes back to 1971, it's apparent that mortgage rates have been extremely low for the past several months.

FHA Mortgage Loans

Rates are at 18 month lows,
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